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I bring you fraternal greetings from the OTUWA Secretariat in Abuja.

As you are aware, the Congress of our organisation is expected to come up in the last quarter of 2019, as the revival Congress held in October 2015. Consultation is on-going within the Executive Committee leadership on when to convene the General Council meeting that will take a formal decision on the dates and venue for the next Congress of OTUWA.

  1. Survey on Funding Requirement for OTUWA Secretariat

The Secretariat has been grasping with a number of challenges in our quest to carry out the mandate of the last Congress to fully revive and reposition our organisation. Among the recent measures taken to address some of the challenges include commissioning of a Survey on Requirements for Running a Full-fledged OTUWA Secretariat in Abuja.

We have extracted key conclusions and recommendations of this exercise and attached to this memo.

One of the core issues addressed by the survey is funding by OTUWA affiliates. We extracted the list of OTUWA affiliates’ membership and affiliation dues calculated on the basis of ITUC–Brussels’ membership list given by affiliates as at June 2017. On the basis of the present affiliation fees computation, the total revenue will be $27,000 annually, if affiliates pay in full. Currently, very few affiliates have paid affiliation dues thus far.

Our hope is that as we prepare for Congress, affiliates who have not paid any affiliation fees in four years or have paid part, will have to check their total indebtedness and pay up between now and June 2019 to enable us to start preparation in earnest for the congress.

In addition, there are issues raised in the conclusions/recommendations, which the General Council would hopefully deliberate on and make recommendations for the forthcoming congress.

  1. Constitution of the Women and Youth Committees of OTUWA

One of the outstanding tasks from the last congress is the composition of the Youth and Women Committees of OTUWA. We have made efforts to raise fund and combine the inauguration of the two standing committees with programmes, which would have brought the bulk of delegates to the women and the youths conferences for the purpose of their composition. We have so far been unsuccessful in this respect.

The leadership will in due course decide on the modality for convening of the two committees, and accordingly notify each country, so that where there are more than two national centres in a country, each country will decide which centres will be nominated for the women conference and which will be nominated for the youth conference. We are still trying new efforts to source for funding for the two activities. In the event we are unable to source the funding, then the national centres that will participate in the two inaugural activities will have to fund the participation of their delegates.

  1. OTUWA Website

We have almost finalised the construction of an OTUWA Website. We however wish to request each affiliate of OTUWA to send to the secretariat a brief resume of their organisation based on the following: organisation’s history, membership base/structure, current national officers, official national address, official telephones, email address(es), postal address(es) and any other information. National Centres with websites should also provide us with links, so that we can link them up with the OTUWA website. The brief write-up per organisation should be no more than 3-5 pages maximum.

  1. Individual Letters Requesting for Payment of Outstanding Check-off Dues to OTUWA

Accompanying this general circular is an individual letter to each of the OTUWA affiliates to pay up the accumulated affiliation dues on the basis of the annual computation attached in the survey. In the individual letters, the details of OTUWA domiciliary account for the payment are enclosed.

  1. OTUWA Constitution (English and French versions)

We are also sending the English and French versions of the OTUWA Constitution approved during the last Congress. Before the next congress, we will endeavour to finalise a Portuguese translation for our Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau comrades.

We look forward to hearing from affiliates, and especially to respond to the latest request for payment of affiliation dues.

Yours fraternally;

John E. Odah

Executive Secretary


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