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OTUWA Strategic Plan

The outcome of the OTUWA Strategic Planning workshop was the development of a 5-year strategic plan which had ten pillars. The Strategic Plan is available in electronic form, in English and French, as well as in CD-ROMs.

The ten pillars are as follows:

Pillar 1 : To Strengthen and Capacitate the Secretariat

Pillar 2: Supporting Unity and Increased Membership for Affiliates

Pillar 3: Engaging with ECOWAS

Pillar 4: Engaging Regional Conflict & Terrorism

Pillar 5: Supporting Democratic Elections

Pillar 6: Sustainable Development Goals

Pillar 7a: Special Programmes

Pillar 7b: Special Programmes II

Pillar 8: Building of OTUWA Secretariat & Training Institute

Pillar 9: Financial Mobilization & Stability

Pillar 10: Monitoring and Evaluation